Friday, February 17, 2012

Key Note Speaker (William "bill" Richardson)

"How humans can live more equability"- William Richardson
I found this quote very interesting and wanted to see how others felt about this.

William Richardson spoke on what he believed will be the three most important issues in years to come in the USA. The first is immigration both legal and illegal immigration. How will we deal with it as well as what can we do? The second major issue is education exceptionally when it comes to education of immigrates children. The third major issue was climate change which also included energy usage. He spoke on how we need to move from fossil fuels to more renewable energy, and that we need to create green jobs. He sees natural gas the bridge between oil and renewable energy.

I also wanted to share with you what William Richardson said "were the key skills to be a leader in the 21st century."

1) Be bold and confident
2)Get a good education. Like if you want to be involved politics you should invest in a law degree.
3) Good morals. The way he explained it was to stick to your guns.

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